DATA Recovery

How to Remove Write Protection from Micro SD / Memory Card

I am going to list every single imaginable technique for removing write protection and formatting your and organizing your memory gadget (Sandisk, Samsung, and so on.) for it to work in a standard working mode. 

Getting to SD Card by changing Registry 

Along these lines of handicapping write protection is straightforward yet on the off chance that Registry is misused, your working framework will be upset. So we'd prescribe making a reinforcement duplicate of your Windows Registry before you make a move following these means. 

1. Open Registry editor as an administrator (Start – regedit). Running Regedit as an Administrator 

2. Explore to the list HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\. On the off chance that it doesn't have an organizer named StorageDevicePolicies – make it. For this: 

2.1. Right-click on the present list Control 

2.2. In the menu select New – Key; name it StorageDevicePolicies. 

3. Right-click on the StorageDevicePolicies and select another estimation of the parameter DWORD(32-bit) for a 32-piece OS or QWORD(64-bit) for a 64-piece one individually. 

4. Rename DWORD/QWORD to WriteProtect and double tap the line changing an incentive to 0 (HEX). 

5. Securely remove the memory card and reboot your PC. 

Cripple protection utilizing diskpart utility 

Diskpart is a reassure utility in Windows 2000-XP and higher which empowers you to oversee plate allotments and volumes at a low degree of access. 

When we associate with a SD Card through reassure and organization it we remove 'read just' protection and open memory card. Here is how to remove write protection on micro sd card by along these lines: 

  • Open the order brief (cmd.exe). Type "diskpart" to begin the utility. 
  • Type "list plate" to show the rundown of accessible circles in the framework. 
  • Discover your USB glimmer drive on the rundown; type "SELECT DISK n" where n represents your memory card with the write ensured parcel. 
  • Type "clean" (you may need to rehash it a few times). 
  • Type "make parcel essential" to make another segment on the memory card. 
  • Type "select segment" to choose the segment on the plate. 
  • Type "dynamic" to actuate the circle. 
  • Type "design fs=ntfs" to configuration to NTFS (ensure you chose the correct memory gadget!). 

diskmgmt.msc utility

This technique for incapacitating write protection is reasonable both for SD Cards and USB sticks. We are going to utilize an elective utility diskmgmt.msc. 

  • Start menu – Run – diskmgmt.msc, Enter 
  • Explore to the setting menu of the segment that requirements designing 
  • Snap "Erase volume" and affirm your decision
  • In the setting menu click "New volume" 
  • Pick essential segment 
  • Leave default parameters